Michiko Kuwano – Dansei tai josei

Gif images of actress Michiko Kuwano (1915-1946) from a 1936 film Dansei tai josei, which literally means Men vs. Women.

Michiko Kuwano Dansei tai josei

Michiko Kuwano Men vs Women

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Vintage Robot & Japanese Girls

Mr. Kuro the Robot with friends in 1970. Invented by Jirou Aizawa.

Mr Kuro Robot by Jirou Aizawa

Credit: Taisho on Tumblr

Vintage Japan Tourism Poster

A vintage poster to promote Japan’s tourism in 1930’s. The Board of Tourist Industry was active in 1930-1941 as part of Japanese Government Railways. Their activities halted in 1942 because of World War II.

Vintage Japanese tourism poster 1930

Japanese Government Railways was in charge of attracting foreign visitors besides running the railway system. It was a government agency until it became a state-owned public company (Japanese National Railways) in 1949.

Reference: Wikipedia

Meiji Tea Advertisement 1961

Advertisement for Meiji red tea in 1961 which emphasized on its unique packaging.

Vintage Japanese commercial for Meiji red tea

The company still exists today and focuses on milk products.

Source: CyborgPark (Tumblr)

Kimono Girls vs Tokyo Tower

Vintage photo of two young girls in kimono, wandering in a street near the almost completed Tokyo Tower in July 1958.

Kimono girls and Tokyo Tower vintage photos

Didn’t realise that the tower is that old. Thought it’s from the 1980’s.

Credit: Keystone, via Nippon-graph (Tumblr)