Ribbon Chapel, Hiroshima, Japan

Ribbon Chapel is a unique wedding venue located on the grounds of a resort hotel in Hiroshima. Designed by architect Hiroshi Nakamura.

Ribbon Chapel Hiroshima Japan

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Vintage Robot & Japanese Girls

Mr. Kuro the Robot with friends in 1970. Invented by Jirou Aizawa.

Mr Kuro Robot by Jirou Aizawa

Credit: Taisho on Tumblr

Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern

Full episode of television show Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern when they visited Japan (Season 3 in 2008). The bizarreness is from American viewers’ perspective but a few of the dishes are unusual even for Japanese people.

Update: They deleted the video, unfortunately.

The foods includes river eels, sea squirts, stone fish liver, bluefin tuna eyeballs, mayonnaise fondue and milkshake, octopus egg sac, sea cucumber egg jerky, turtle blood sake, octopus ice cream, pit viper ice cream, beef tongue ice cream, horumon, takoyaki, raw horse mane, funazushi, squid ink soup, tuna eyes stew in mirin, giant sea snail, sea snake soup, and raw goat testicles with scrotum (via Wikipedia).

Japanese Book Towers

“Book towers” in some Japanese book shops and manga stores.

Japanese book tower

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Japan Sketch Aquarium

A cool “virtual aquarium” where sea creatures drawn by children come to life!

Japan Sketch Aquarium

It’s a project by teamLab, a studio that combines digital tech with art.

Official: teamLab