Reina Triendl in Kimono

Japanese model Reina Triendl in a special kimono line produced by Nishizen in 2012. She was born to an Austrian German father and a Japanese mother.

Japanese model Reina Triendl in Kimono

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Reina Triendl Visits Okinawa

Commercials of actress Reina Triendl who travelled to Okinawa with Musee Travel. She sampled some food, explored a market and also visited the famous Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium in the video series.

Update: The videos are no longer available. The statue in the picture is Shisa, a traditional decoration in Okinawa to protect people from evils.

Reina Triendl Okinawa Musee Travel

Reina Triendl is half Austrian and half Japanese. She started her career in Japan as a model before getting into acting.