Nanami Sakuraba Traditional Hakama

Actress Nanami Sakuraba looks beautiful in hakama (the outer layer which wrapped the kimono) by Japanese clothing company Maimu. Girls and women wear this during graduation and some traditional events.

Nanami Sakuraba traditional hakama dress

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Maimi Yajima in Kimono

Maimi Yajima of Japanese girl group C-ute wearing a traditional kimono for a photoshoot in 2012 or 2013. Not 100% sure but that’s probably a yukata; it’s a casual summer kimono which is becoming popular again since the late 1990’s.

C-ute Maimi Yajima Japanese kimono

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Reina Triendl in Kimono

Japanese model Reina Triendl in a special kimono line produced by Nishizen in 2012. She was born to an Austrian German father and a Japanese mother.

Japanese model Reina Triendl in Kimono

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Kimono Girls vs Tokyo Tower

Vintage photo of two young girls in kimono, wandering in a street near the almost completed Tokyo Tower in July 1958.

Kimono girls and Tokyo Tower vintage photos

Didn’t realise that the tower is that old. Thought it’s from the 1980’s.

Credit: Keystone, via Nippon-graph (Tumblr)