Scandal – Stamp! Music Video

Music video and HD photo for Stamp by pop rock group Scandal, released July 2015. Guitarist Mami composed the music and also wrote the lyrics.

Japanese pop rock band Scandal Stamp

Official: Scandalofficial on Facebook.

AKB48 – Koi Suru Fortune Cookie Music Video

Music video for Koi Suru Fortune Cookie (lit. fortune cookie in love) by Japanese pop group AKB48, with Rino Sashihara as the centre. Released August 2013.

The song was a huge buzz in Japan back then with many dance covers.

Credit: AKB48 official Youtube channel.

Scandal – Yoake No Ryuuseigun Music Video

Music video and HD photo for Yoake No Ryuuseigun by pop-rock band Scandal. It’s also the theme song for the latest Pokemon film in Japan.

Scandal Yoake No Ryuuseigun

Source: Scandalofficial (Facebook)

SKE48 Bukiyou Taiyou

J-pop girl group SKE48 is going to release a new single, Bukiyō Taiyō, on July 30th. Love the concept images, music video (short ver) end of the post.

Japanese pop group SKE48 Bukiyou Taiyou

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SCANDAL & Tokyo Performance Doll

Pop band SCANDAL and idol group Tokyo Performance Doll promoting each other’s album. The girls are label mates of EPIC Record in Japan.

SCANDAL and Tokyo Performance Doll

SCANDAL has just released Yoake No Ryuuseigun in April, while TPD came back with Brand New Story.

Source: Scandalofficial (Facebook)