Michiko Kuwano – Dansei tai josei

Gif images of actress Michiko Kuwano (1915-1946) from a 1936 film Dansei tai josei, which literally means Men vs. Women.

Michiko Kuwano Dansei tai josei

Michiko Kuwano Men vs Women

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Chino Kafuu – Is The Order a Rabbit?

Cute animated gif of Chino Kafuu, a main character in Gochūmon wa Usagi Desu ka? (lit. Is The Order a Rabbit?) anime series.

Chino Kafuu Is The Order a Rabbit

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Panzer Vor!

A cute gif that always makes me happy, from Girls und Panzer anime.

Girls und Panzer cute animated gif

Panzer Vor literally means “Tanks, forward!” in German, it’s a common phrase in the anime series when the girls go into “battles”.

K-On!! School Trip

K-On!! anime. The light music club members going on a school field trip to Kyoto.

K-on anime school trip

Is the Order a Rabbit? Animated Gif

Gif image from anime series Is the Order a Rabbit?. Fans often abbreviated the show as GochiUsa, from its Japanese name Gochūmon wa Usagi Desu ka?.

Is the Order a Rabbit anime series

The manga turned anime is about a group of high school girls who befriended each other at the Rabbit House cafe.

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Source: Anime-Capture (Japanese)