Anime Girls by Kazuharu Kina

Original manga characters and fan arts by Japanese illustrator Kazuharu Kina; who has a strong fixation with long, black hair, as well as tidy fashion and uniforms.

Anime girls illustration by Kazuharu Kina

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Misaka Ackerman

A fan art combining the main characters in two popular anime series. It’s Misaka Mikoto (of A Certain Scientific Railgun) and Mikasa Ackerman (of Attack on Titan).

Misaka Ackerman Misaka Mikoto and Mikasa Ackerman fanart

It looks like Misaka is cosplaying Mikasa though. It’s her face after all.

Original: Pixiv (Japanese)

Shingeki no Hirasawa

Anime fan art – K-On!’s Yui Hirasawa in Attack on Titan style.

K-On Yui Hirasawa attack on Titan

Source: パピオピーネ (Pixiv)

Kushia Microphylla Original Character

Kushia Microphylla (クシア・ミクロフィラ), an original character by mangaka Kauto. Love the drawings, also because red hair is always cool.

Kushia Microphylla original manga character

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