Cute Cat Shaped Pastries

Cute kitty shaped pastries (or cakes?) by Japanese blogger Caroline, inspired by her cat named Apelia. The lady, who’s a web designer by trade, only made these for leisure instead of commercial purpose.

Cute Japanese cat shaped pastries

Cute Japanese cat shaped pastries

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Anime Girls by Kazuharu Kina

Original manga characters and fan arts by Japanese illustrator Kazuharu Kina; who has a strong fixation with long, black hair, as well as tidy fashion and uniforms.

Anime girls illustration by Kazuharu Kina

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Sakura & Japanese Girls Go To School

Cute and beautiful picture. It’s cherry blossom season in Japan, and school starts for two little girls. Have a wonderful life!


Credit: Rionao on Photohito, a Japanese photo sharing site.

Lucky Star Konata Summer Dreams Wallpaper

HQ wallpaper inspired by the Lucky Star anime series, of Konata having a summer holiday dream. Click image for size (2560×1600).

Lucky Star Konata summer dreams wallpaper

Chino Kafuu – Is The Order a Rabbit?

Cute animated gif of Chino Kafuu, a main character in Gochūmon wa Usagi Desu ka? (lit. Is The Order a Rabbit?) anime series.

Chino Kafuu Is The Order a Rabbit

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