Japanese TV Commercials 2015

Compilation of the latest Japanese commercials – from week 5-15 in 2016.

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Japanese Moe Factor in Public Service Ads

Anime characters/mascots are widely used in various fields and advertisement in Japan, including in crime prevention, Self-Defense-Forces/police recruitment, local elections, blood donation and other public service sectors.

Japanese moe public service ads

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Yui Aragaki Sekkisei Facial Cleanser

Actress Yui Aragaki in a new commercial for Sekkisei facial cleanser.

Yui Aragaki Sekkisei facial cleanser advertisement

Official: Sekkisei (Japanese)

Meiji Tea Advertisement 1961

Advertisement for Meiji red tea in 1961 which emphasized on its unique packaging.

Vintage Japanese commercial for Meiji red tea

Source: CyborgPark (Tumblr)