Japanese TV Commercials 2016

Compilation of the latest Japanese TV ads – from week 5-15 in 2016.

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Japanese Moe Factor in Public Service Ads

Anime-like characters as seen in various purposes and advertising in Japan. That includes in crime prevention, Self Defense Forces recruitment, local elections, blood donation, and other public service sectors.

Japanese moe public service ads

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Yui Aragaki Sekkisei Facial Cleanser Commercial

Actress Yui Aragaki in a new commercial for Sekkisei facial cleanser.

Yui Aragaki Sekkisei facial cleanser advertisement

She looks so clean and pure probably because of the product lol.

Official: Sekkisei (Japanese)

Meiji Tea Advertisement 1961

Advertisement for Meiji red tea in 1961 which emphasized on its unique packaging.

Vintage Japanese commercial for Meiji red tea

The company still exists today and focuses on milk products.

Source: CyborgPark (Tumblr)