Akihabara Electric Town 1986

Tokyo’s Akihabara Electric Town in 1986. Lots of consumer electronic shops back then before anime, manga and video games became dominant in the area.

Credit: Kamepo on Youtube

Girls und Panzer Akihabara

A convenient store in Tokyo’s Akihabara Electric Town, with photos of characters from Japanese anime Girls und Panzer.

Girls und Panzer anime poster in Akihabara

The 2012 series is about female high schools practising tank warfare as a sport and competition. Yes, everything can happen because it’s anime. The show is pretty popular in and out of Japan, but some critics are against it for “beautifying” war.

Source: Ninetail-fox (Tumblr)

Japanese Girls, Capsule Toys, Akihabara

Girls trying their luck with Gashapon (capsule toys machines) in Tokyo’s Akihabara District. The name gasha-pon comes from the sound when using it – “gasha” when turning the lock, and “pon” when the capsule drops to the collecting place.

Japanese girls Akihabara capsule toy machines

The most common toys are plastic figures of anime or video game characters. Besides Japan the machines are also pretty popular in some other Asian countries.

In most other places it’s more common with cheap toys for kids. However in Japan there are more collector items and grown-ups play it often too.

Credit: ninetail-fox on Tumblr

Akihabara – Tokyo’s Electric & Anime District

A video from 2012 that shows various aspects of Tokyo’s Akihabara district. The place is famous for anime culture and it’s also a centre for electronic goods.

AKihabara Tokyo electric and anime district

Source: Ohayuni71 on Youtube

World Order – Have A Nice Day Music Video

Music video for Have A Nice Day by techno-pop group World Order. Shot in Tokyo’s Akihabara Electric Town and featured girl group AKB48. Released March 2014.

Official website: World Order, with some English.