Akihabara Electric Town 1986

Tokyo’s Akihabara Electric Town in 1986. Lots of consumer electronic shops back then before the anime-manga industry became the dominant business in the district.

Credit: Kamepo (Youtube)

Girls und Panzer Akihabara

A convenient store in Tokyo’s Akihabara Electric Town, with photos of characters from Japanese anime Girls und Panzer.

Girls und Panzer anime poster in Akihabara

Source: Ninetail-fox (Tumblr)

Japanese Girls, Capsule Toys, Akihabara

Girls trying their luck with capsule toys machines in Tokyo’s Akihabara District.

Japanese girls Akihabara capsule toy machines

Credit: ninetail-fox (Tumblr)

Akihabara – Tokyo’s Electric & Anime District

A video from 2012 that shows various aspects of Tokyo’s Akihabara district which is known as the center of electronic goodies and anime culture.

AKihabara Tokyo electric and anime district

Source: Ohayuni71 (Youtube)

Misaka Mikoto iPhone Cover

Cover for iPhone with Misaka Mikoto, the main character in A Certain Scientific Railgun anime/manga series. Spotted in Akihabara.

Railgun Misaka Mikoto iPhone cover

Credit: Ninetail-fox (Tumblr)