Misaka Ackerman

A fan art combining the main characters in two popular anime series. It’s Misaka Mikoto (of A Certain Scientific Railgun) and Mikasa Ackerman (of Attack on Titan).

Misaka Ackerman Misaka Mikoto and Mikasa Ackerman fanart

It looks like Misaka is cosplaying Mikasa though. It’s her face after all.

Original: Pixiv (Japanese)

Misaka Mikoto iPhone Cover

iPhone cover featuring Misaka Mikoto, the main character in A Certain Scientific Railgun anime and manga series.

Railgun Misaka Mikoto iPhone cover

Spotted in Akihabara, because it’s the mecha for anime and electronic goods.

Credit: Ninetail-fox (Tumblr)

Newtype – A Certain Scientific Railgun Wallpaper

Wallpaper for A Certain Scientific Railgun Japanese anime series.

Click image for full size (1280×800).

A Certain Scientific Railgun Newtype Wallpaper

Newtype Magazine published the picture in mid 2012. The first season of the anime aired in 2009, while the second season in 2013.

Source: Miochan