Sitemap for Misaolikes

A page to help readers to navigate the website. You can follow the links (tags on this blog) to find more posts on relevant Japanese topics.


Misao’s anime taste leans towards cute/fun/daily-living genre. Real life is cruel enough, anime is like a sanctuary which makes Misao relax and happy.

A Certain Scientific Railgun – Academic City, Espers, Misaka, Railgun
Attack on Titan – No really a fan but the anime is super popular
Girls und Panzer – Cute girls and vintage tanks
GochÅ«mon wa Usagi Desu ka? – Cute girls and rabbit cafe
K-On! – Members of a high school light music club and their adventures
Lucky Star – Random short stories of a high school otaku and her friends
Non Non Biyori – Tokyo girl transfers to rural area and learn new life

Akihabara – Mecca for anime fans and epitome of otaku sub-culture
Fan Arts – Artworks from anime, manga and original creations


Japanese celebrity pictures, music and entertainment stuff.

AKB48 – Japan’s biggest pop act with MANY members
C-ute – Another popular Japanese girl group
Keiko Kitagawa – Beautiful Japanese actress
Reina Triendl – Austrian-Japanese actress and model
Scandal – One of Misao’s favorite Japanese pop bands
Yui Aragaki – One of Misao’s favorite Japanese actresses

J-pop – Misao used to like Ayumi Hamasaki, now listens to Scandal etc.
Magazines – Japanese fashion and idol magazines
Movies – Misao doesn’t watch that many Japanese movies to be honest

Daily Living

What the locals do, none touristy places, and street views.

Game Centers – Amusement arcades are still popular in Japan
Nature – Japan’s nature, flowers, mountains, waters, gardens and parks
Sakura – Japan’s iconic cherry blossom and related culture
Vending Machines – Need I say more?


Misao needs to lose weight but lost the battle to food.

Noodles – Misao likes all type of noodles, favourite is udon
Rice Cakes – Misao likes mochi but not senbei
Street Food – Street food and common snacks
Tempura – Misao likes fried foods… tempura, tonkatsu, croquette etc.


Fun, weird, cute, creative Japanese products.

Cars – Japanese automobile and motor vehicles
Fashion – Japanese clothing brands, fashion and style
Hello Kitty – One of the most iconic Japanese characters worldwide
Toys – Anime figurines and mini gadgets etc.

Technologies – Gadgets, machines, robots and Japanese inventions.

Gadgets – Gizmos, electronics and innovative tools


Japanese customs, festivals, historical places, culture heritages.

Kimono – Traditional Japanese costumes
Shrines – Japanese Shinto Shrines, culture, architecture, festivals
Vintage – Japanese photos/products older than Misao


– Tourist attractions and various places.

Kyoto – Former imperial capital of Japan for more than a thousand years
Mount Fuji – Japan’s world famous mountain
Osaka – Major city and economic hub in Japan
Tokyo – Capital of Japan, world’s most populous metropolitan area


Stuff that doesn’t belong to any particular groups.

Architecture – Japanese traditional and modern building designs
Cityscape – Urban landscape in Tokyo and Japanese cities
Commercials – Japanese advertisements and celebrity endorsements
Cute & Kawaii – Cute, mostly chibi anime stuff
Design – Japanese design, art and creativity
Gif – Cute and funny animated gifs, mostly anime, sometimes celebrities
Seifuku – Japanese school uniform, anime and cosplay
Unusual – Most Japanese are not weird, the exotics are just minority
Wallpapers – Anime and scenic Japanese wallpapers