Sitemap for Misaolikes

A page to help readers to navigate the site. You can follow the links (tags) to find more posts on the relevant Japanese subjects.

Anime – Misao’s anime taste leans towards cute/fun/daily-living genre. Real life is cruel enough, anime is like a sanctuary which makes Misao relax and happy.

A Certain Scientific Railgun – Academic City, Espers, Misaka, Railgun
Akihabara – Mecca for anime fans and epitome of otaku sub-culture
Attack on Titan – No really a fan but the anime is super popular
Fan Arts – Artworks from anime/manga and original creations
Girls und Panzer – Cute girls and vintage tanks
GochÅ«mon wa Usagi Desu ka? – Cute girls and rabbit cafe
K-On! – Members of a high school light music club and their adventures
Lucky Star – Random short stories of a high school otaku and her friends
Non Non Biyori – Tokyo girl transfers to rural area and learn new life

Celebrities – Japanese celebrity pictures and entertainment stuff.

AKB48 – Japan’s biggest pop act with MANY members
C-ute – Another popular Japanese girl group
J-pop – Misao used to like Ayumi Hamasaki, now listens to Scandal etc.
Keiko Kitagawa – Beautiful Japanese actress
Magazines – Japanese fashion and idol magazines
Movies – Misao doesn’t watch that many Japanese movies to be honest
Reina Triendl – Austrian-Japanese actress and model
Scandal – One of Misao’s favorite Japanese pop bands
Yui Aragaki – One of Misao’s favorite Japanese actresses

Daily Living – What the locals do, and none touristy places, plus street views.

Game Centers – Amusement arcades are still popular in Japan
Nature – Japan’s nature, flowers, mountains, waters, gardens and parks
Sakura – Japan’s iconic cherry blossom and related culture
Vending Machines – Need I say more?

Food – Misao needs to lose weight but lost the battle to food.

Noodles – Misao likes all type of noodles, favourite is udon
Rice Cakes – Misao likes mochi but not senbei
Street Food – Street food and common snacks
Tempura – Misao likes fried foods… tempura, tonkatsu, croquette etc.

Products – Fun, weird, cute, creative Japanese products.

Cars – Japanese automobile and motor vehicles
Fashion – Japanese clothing brands, fashion and style
Hello Kitty – One of the most iconic Japanese characters worldwide
Toys – Anime figurines and mini gadgets etc.

Technologies – Gadgets, machines, robots and Japanese inventions.

Gadgets – Gizmos, electronics and innovative tools

Traditions – Japanese customs, festivals, historical places, culture heritages.

Kimono – Traditional Japanese costumes
Shrines – Japanese Shinto Shrines, culture, architecture, festivals
Vintage – Japanese photos/products older than Misao

Travel – Tourist attractions and various places.

Kyoto – Former imperial capital of Japan for more than a thousand years
Mount Fuji – Japan’s world famous mountain
Osaka – Major city and economic hub in Japan
Tokyo – Capital of Japan, world’s most populous metropolitan area

Random – Stuff that doesn’t belong to any particular groups.

Architectures – Japanese traditional and modern building designs
Cityscape – Urban landscape in Tokyo and Japanese cities
Commercials – Japanese advertisements and celebrity endorsements
Cute & Kawaii – Cute, mostly chibi anime stuff
Design – Japanese design, art and creativity
Gif – Cute and funny animated gifs, mostly anime, sometimes celebrities
Seifuku – Japanese school uniform, anime and cosplay
Unusual – Most Japanese are not weird, the exotics are just minority
Wallpapers – Anime and scenic Japanese wallpapers