Cherry Blossom Aerial Shots in Kawazu

Aerial shots of cherry blossom in Kawazu. It’s a small town in Shizuoka Prefecture with a beautiful line of sakura along its main stream.

Besides cherry trees, the town is also famous for its hot springs.

Credit: HappyMonster.

Ribbon Chapel, Hiroshima, Japan

Ribbon Chapel is a unique wedding venue located on the grounds of a resort hotel in Hiroshima. Designed by architect Hiroshi Nakamura.

Ribbon Chapel Hiroshima Japan

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Firewalking at Hozanji Temple

Devotees walking the fire trail at Hozan-ji, a Buddhist temple in Nara. They believe that the tradition can provide good health and also chase away bad luck.

Credit: Asahi on Youtube

Vintage Robot & Japanese Girls

Mr. Kuro the Robot with friends in 1970. Invented by Jirou Aizawa.

Mr Kuro Robot by Jirou Aizawa

Credit: Taisho on Tumblr

AKB48 – Koi Suru Fortune Cookie Music Video

Music video for Koi Suru Fortune Cookie (lit. fortune cookie in love) by Japanese pop group AKB48, with Rino Sashihara as the centre. Released August 2013.

The song was a huge buzz in Japan back then with many dance covers.

Credit: AKB48 official Youtube channel.