Mount Fuji and Cherry Blossom

Beautiful photo of spring blossom with the majestic Mount Fuji as backdrop.

Mount Fuji and Japanese Cherry Blossom

Source: TakeshiM (Instagram)

Cherry Blossom Aerial Shots in Kawazu

Aerial shots of cherry blossom in Kawazu, a town in Shizuoka Prefecture with a beautiful line of sakura along its main stream.

Credit: HappyMonster

Japan National Tourism Organization 2015 Calendar-Wallpapers

Japan National Tourism Organization 2015 calendar-wallpapers with a festival theme. You can check JNTO’s official page for more sizes (below are 1366×768) and details about each picture.

January: Kaga Tobi Hashigo Nobori, Ishikawa
Kaga Tobi Hashigo Nobori, Ishikawa, Japan

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A Fortnight in Japan

A video by DanMan recording his two weeks trip in Japan – featuring the trains, architectures, cityscapes, roads and culture.

Credit: Dan Man (Youtube)

Osaka Castle Birds Eye View

When Osaka Castle is mentioned people usually thought of the central tower, which is a beautiful piece of architecture; but the castle is more than that, it’s a massive fortress and looks really amazing from birds eye view. Click photo for HD.

Osaka Castle HD birds eye view

Credit: 663highland (Wikipedia)