Nanami Sakuraba Traditional Hakama

Actress Nanami Sakuraba looks beautiful in hakama (the outer layer which wrapped the kimono) by Japanese clothing company Maimu. Hakama are worn by girls and women during graduation and some traditional events.

Nanami Sakuraba traditional hakama dress

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Firewalking at Hozanji Temple

Devotees walking the fire trail at Hozan-ji, a Buddhist temple in Nara. It’s believed that the tradition could provide good health and chase away bad luck.

Credit: Asahi (Japanese)

Maimi Yajima in Kimono

Maimi Yajima of Japanese girl group C-ute wearing a traditional kimono for a photoshoot in 2012/2013. Not 100% sure but that’s probably a yukata, a casual summer kimono which is becoming popular again since the late 1990’s.

C-ute Maimi Yajima Japanese kimono

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Traditional Japanese New Year Food

Traditional Japanese new year dishes, looks like box sets from a nice restaurant.

Japanese traditional new year food

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Fireworks Festivals in Tokyo

Summer season is also fireworks season in Japan. The first firework festival in Japan was held more than 200 years ago. These days many of the firework festivals are sponsored by corporates, and it happens almost daily in Tokyo when the season reaches its peak, usually around August.

Source: AGG (Youtube)