Kimono Girls vs Tokyo Tower

Vintage photo of two young girls in kimono, wandering in a street near the almost completed Tokyo Tower in July 1958.

Kimono girls and Tokyo Tower vintage photos

Didn’t realise that the tower is that old. Thought it’s from the 1980’s.

Credit: Keystone, via Nippon-graph (Tumblr)

Japan’s Pachinko Parlor

Pachinko is legally an entertainment device but in reality it’s more for gambling instead, which is illegal in Japan.

Pachinko parlor in Kyoto, Japan

It’s like slot machine, with the players winning little balls instead of cash. And the players can use the balls to exchange for coupons/prizes, which people can “sell” to vendors normally located around the pachinko parlor.

It’s exploiting some legal loopholes, but the government seems content to maintain the situation as it is. In addition, most Japanese already take it as part of life.

Image source: bas_nroll (Flickr), taken in Kyoto in 2008.

Japanese Public Phone

Is there a proper name for this type of public phone, which allows three people to chat at the same time?

Japanese public phone

Source: Mokzo (Tumblr)