Yokohama Cup Noodle Museum

Inside the Yokohama Cup Noodle Museum where you can “create” your own original CUP NOODLES package. Another place to add into my “to visit” list.

Yokohama Cup Noodle Museum

Btw, CUP NOODLES is actually a brand name by food company Nissin, although it has become a common term in most places.

Official: Cupnoodles Museum – Video: DanMan (Youtube)

Taiyaki – Japanese Fish-Shaped Cake

Taiyaki is a Japanese fish-shape cake with filling, most common with red bean paste. A simple comfort food, the ones in this photo look really good.

Taiyaki Japanese red bean fish shaped cake

Image source: TheJapanMan

Toraya Sakura Mochi

Sakura mochi by Toraya, a traditional Japanese confections maker which exists since the early 16th century. Japan has the largest number of companies which are over a hundred years old in the world.

Sakura mochi by Toraya Confectionery

Credit: Yuichi Sakuraba (Flickr)

Tempura Udon

Two of my favourite foods although I prefer not to eat them together.

Japanese tempura udon

Source: _tuker (Instagram)

Ichigo daifuku strawberry mochi

Strawberry mochi (rice cakes) that look too cute to eat. The Japanese name for these strawberry red bean mochi is いちご大福 – ichigo daifuku.

Japanese strawberry mochi

Source: Niqikido (Tumblr)