Cute Cat Shaped Pastries

Cute kitty shaped pastries (or cakes?) by Japanese blogger Caroline, inspired by her cat named Apelia. The lady, who’s a web designer by trade, only made these for leisure instead of commercial purpose.

Cute Japanese cat shaped pastries

Cute Japanese cat shaped pastries

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Japanese Egg Croquette Sandwich

Japanese western fusion street food… egg and croquette sandwich. Looks good.

Japanese egg croquet sandwich

Credit: Tami0607 on Tumblr

Japanese Candy Store

Dagashiya are traditional stores that sell cheap sweets and snacks. Their numbers are declining because of the rising of convenience stores.

Credit: Yukio-Tachibana on Tumblr

Traditional Japanese New Year Food

Traditional Japanese new year dishes, looks like box sets from a nice restaurant.

Japanese traditional new year food

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Japanese Food & Pop Idols

Idol girl group Nogizaka46 in recent issue of non-no Magazine. It features their visits to 28 famous restaurants in Tokyo while indulging some summer delicacies.

Nogizaka46 nonno magazine Japanese summer food

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