Maimi Yajima in Kimono

Maimi Yajima of Japanese girl group C-ute wearing a traditional kimono for a photoshoot in 2012 or 2013. Not 100% sure but that’s probably a yukata; it’s a casual summer kimono which is becoming popular again since the late 1990’s.

C-ute Maimi Yajima Japanese kimono

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Japanese Food & Pop Idols

Idol girl group Nogizaka46 in recent issue of non-no Magazine. It features their visits to 28 famous restaurants in Tokyo while indulging some summer delicacies.

Nogizaka46 nonno magazine Japanese summer food

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Keiko Kitagawa Tokyo Walker

Actress Keiko Kitagawa on the cover of the latest issue of Tokyo Walker Magazine.

Keiko Kitagawa Tokyo Walker Magazine

She is currently starring in drama series Hero which is going well. And she has also starred in three films since the start of the year.

Source: Walkerplus (Japanese)

Scandal – Yoake No Ryuuseigun Music Video

Music video and HD photo for Yoake No Ryuuseigun by pop-rock band Scandal. It’s also the theme song for the latest Pokemon film in Japan.

Scandal Yoake No Ryuuseigun

Source: Scandalofficial (Facebook)

Reina Triendl in Kimono

Japanese model Reina Triendl in a special kimono line produced by Nishizen in 2012. She was born to an Austrian German father and a Japanese mother.

Japanese model Reina Triendl in Kimono

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