Non Non Biyori Repeat PV

The first promotion video for the Non Non Biyori Repeat, the second season of the Non Non Biyori anime series.

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Anime Girls by Kazuharu Kina

Original manga characters and fan arts by Japanese illustrator Kazuharu Kina; who has a strong fixation with long, black hair, as well as tidy fashion and uniforms.

Anime girls illustration by Kazuharu Kina

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Lucky Star Konata Summer Dreams Wallpaper

HQ wallpaper inspired by the Lucky Star anime series, of Konata having a summer holiday dream. Click image for size (2560×1600).

Lucky Star Konata summer dreams wallpaper

Chino Kafuu – Is The Order a Rabbit?

Cute animated gif of Chino Kafuu, a main character in Gochūmon wa Usagi Desu ka? (lit. Is The Order a Rabbit?) anime series.

Chino Kafuu Is The Order a Rabbit

Working hard with the coffee beans?

Japanese Moe Factor in Public Service Ads

Anime-like characters as seen in various purposes and advertising in Japan. That includes in crime prevention, Self Defense Forces recruitment, local elections, blood donation, and other public service sectors.

Japanese moe public service ads

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