Non Non Biyori Repeat (2nd Season) PV

The first promotion video for the Non Non Biyori Repeat, the second season of the Non Non Biyori anime series in 2013.

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Anime Girls by Kazuharu Kina

Original manga characters and fan arts by Japanese illustrator Kazuharu Kina, who has a strong fixation with long, black hair, as well as tidy fashion and uniforms.

Anime girls illustration by Kazuharu Kina

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Lucky Star Konata Summer Dreams Wallpaper

HQ wallpaper inspired by the Lucky Star anime series, of Konata having a summer holiday dream. Click image for size (2560×1600).

Lucky Star Konata summer dreams wallpaper

Chino Kafuu – Is The Order a Rabbit?

Cute animated gif of Chino Kafuu, a main character in Gochūmon wa Usagi Desu ka? (lit. Is The Order a Rabbit?) anime/manga series.

Chino Kafuu Is The Order a Rabbit

Japanese Moe Factor in Public Service Ads

Anime characters/mascots are widely used in various fields and advertisement in Japan, including in crime prevention, Self-Defense-Forces/police recruitment, local elections, blood donation and other public service sectors.

Japanese moe public service ads

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